Coaching Team

Kris Baughman

Co-Owner, Head Coach, Team Mechanic

Hello! I am Kris Baughman, or to some of you, Krispy.  I have been riding bicycles since before I could walk and have been working in the bike industry for over 25 years.  I have competed as an athlete for over 40 years in Freeride, Downhill, and other gravity events.  As I started to age and my son started to grow-up, we were looking for “what’s next.” I always knew I loved coaching and I am always mentoring a handful of groms at any given moment.  When I met Leslie, co-owner of RaceKraft_MTB we started brainstorming.  We both have a passion for coaching, teaching, and gravity MTB.  We saw this opportunity in our industry and decided to apply some of the mentoring and support we wished we had as young athletes to see if we could make this dream come true. 

Leslie Czerwinski

Co-owner, Head Coach, Marketing

Hi! I’m Leslie Czerwinski. I casually started riding bikes in 2014.  I rode on the weekends for fun for the first few years.  In 2016 I decided I wanted to start competing.  I trained all winter and did my first race.  I was hooked and have been racing, competing, planning and attending bike events ever since.  In my day job I am a Mental Health Therapist at an independent middle school in Salt Lake City.  I work with students on performance based anxiety and really anything under the umbrella of being a middle schooler.  When Kris and I started RaceKraft MTB it was a dream come true.  I was able to combine my passion for racing and bikes, my love of working with adolescents, my career in mental health, and package it into RaceKraftMTB. 

Garson Fields


Garson has been coaching with RaceKraft for 2 years. He bring so much to the team. Garson raced in college and also has experience racing as a Pro, he understand all things biking- from mechanics to mindset training to race day.  

Ben Craner

Coach/Race Mindset/Skills/Jedi Master

Ben has been racing, riding, coaching for longer than most of us. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a way of putting words to the ineffable. He and his son Milo (15) joined our crew in 2022 and we’re never going to let them leave. Ben has been an incredible asset and leader to our team over the last two years.

Tim Ochoa

Coach/Professional DH Racer

Tim started on RK as a team member for 3 years. Kris met him at a NICA race and thought, “who is this kid?!”. Shortly after he joined the team. He has moved his way up to racing professionally after 3 years in the DH scene. He is one of the kindest humans around and he is a mentor for the younger athletes.

Danny Pugmire

Jr. Coach/Mentor/Athlete

Danny started racing and riding with RaceKraft 2 years ago after a long stint in NICA racing. He started doing some mini-enduros and the youth enduro series and was hooked. Now he is racing Cat 1/Junior Ex in Cat 1 DH and Enduro. Danny has a positive attitude, great sense of humor, and is someone many of our younger riders look up too. We are so stoked to have his leadership on the team this year!

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